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When Germicidal UVC lamps are properly sized and installed in sufficient number and/or intensity, the benefits are; reduced energy consumption, reduced maintenance cost, eliminate odor, and extended life of the HVAC unit. Beyond the financial benefits, the buildings air quality will increase with the elimination of airborne pathogens.

With all of the above financial benefits, your return on investment (ROI)

is usually within 6 to 10 months for a properly sized Germicidal UVC Lighting System.  


ASHRAE studies verify that

coil cleaning increases your indoor air quality and

can reduce your energy consumption as much as


It is recommended that installers be well educated on the materials from the manufacturer and in the ASHRAE Handbook – HVAC Systems and Equipment, Chapter 17: Ultraviolet Lamp Systems.  In other words choose ONLY an experienced UV Professional for your UVC Lighting System install.

Germicidal UV Solutions for your Facility

According to the EPA, the cost of energy to push air through a filter can be up to eight times greater than the cost of the filter itself. 

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CDC Study Confirms Effectiveness of UVC

Disinfection to Combat Harmful Pathogens

The use of a Germicidal UVC Lighting System in any HVAC unit can be an effective tool to reduce mold, viruses and bacterial growth on the cooling coil along with airborne pathogens. 

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