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Top rated organizations and Government Agencies are recommending the use of UVC Lighting Systems in HVAC units, air ducts, upper room air disinfection and surface disinfection. These groups include CDC, NIOSH, EPA, GSA, ASHRAE, NADCA  and  ACHRNews

We are offering a Commercial UVC Lighting System to you at NO COST for up to 120 days to test out and see the amazing results.

We are so confident about our UVC Lighting Systems that

we offer a NO OBLIGATION 100% GUARANTY. 

We won’t ask you to buy our product but we will ask you to allow us to PROVE how well they work. 

This FREE TRIAL includes the following; initial evaluation of your HVAC unit, complete UVC Lighting System, ROI analysis, biological test swabbing and temperature data reporting. 

We will visit your building every 30 days for testing.  This process takes 15 to 20 minutes and we furnish a short report for each visit.  Once the FREE TRIAL is complete we will deliver a full comprehensive report that will include photographs, Data Testing results, Swab Sampling results, and an ROI report.

This is how we PROVE to you that our UVC Lighting Systems Work.

Call us today at (727) 300-1UVC (1882)

*FREE TRIAL is for commercial buildings, Medical Facilities and Industrial Buildings.  Certain geographical restrictions apply.  Facility is responsible for electric power to the test unit for UVC Lighting System install. Trinity UVC Lighting must have access to UVC Lighting System at all times during the entire trial.  All Systems will be quoted up front and once the FREE TRIAL is complete all parties on agreement will review results in timely manor.  All equipment is owned by Trinity UVC Lighting until decision to purchase is made after test results have been made available. 

UVC Lighting System FREE TRIAL*

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