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Ophthalmologist Surgery Suite

Double and Single Room Disinfection

Lamps with Teflon Coating

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A TeflonĀ® shell  covers  the entire  lamp



and  breakage protection.

Hospital Operating Room


Protection against accidental human exposure to UV light waves are imperative. Our Room Disinfection Systems may  include door interlock safety switches, motion  and heat sensors, safety placards and warning lights.  Along with locking covers that enclose Lamp timer switch.


When designing your system we incorporate your room dimensions, shadowing, available time to disinfect room, air changes,  type of surgical environment, along with several other variables.  


Our power supply is  120-277 auto switching that only needs 2 amps to run.  There is no need to add or increase circuits on your electric panels, as we utilize the current power already run to your specific room.  This eliminates the need for expensive new electrical lines  to be added to your facility. 

Room Disinfection

In 1903 Dr. Niels Finsen won the Nobel Prize for his use of UV Light for the treatment of Tuberculosis

Room Disinfection is critical for facilities such as hospitals, veterinary clinics, and food processing centers to limit the spread of biological contaminants as much as possible. A Trinity UVC Lighting Room Disinfection System addresses the need for surface disinfection in spaces that are prone to biological contamination or where biohazards must be kept to an absolute minimum.

What if there was a way to kill up to 99.9% of pathogens in an Operating Room in 5 minutes or less?  What if this could be achieved without any set up time?  What if you were able to do this with the touch of one button?